2017, WEEK 19:

“Determined to blow cancer away.”

Quick Summary

This non-profit was started by Dallas Symphony Orchestra principal trumpet Ryan Anthony. Ryan was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a terminal cancer of the bone marrow. It most often appears in patients age 70 and over. Ryan was in his 40’s.

When he was diagnosed, Ryan’s goal was to survive long enough to see his children, only then 6 and 11-years old, graduate from high school. But, because he has responded so well to his treatment and is in complete remission, Ryan & Niki both dare to hope for more.

During his bone marrow transplant, Ryan was overwhelmed with phone calls from trumpet players all over the world. Everyone asked what they could do to help. Ryan jokingly said, “We’ll all play a concert when I am healthy again and we’ll call it ‘Cancer Blows,’” As the weeks went by, the joke solidified into a real event with an impressive guest list. Ryan & Niki realized the event could be more than just a fun concert but also a way to raise awareness and money to further the research that has helped give their family a hope for a future.

Ryan has since started a foundation that sponsors events like Cancer Blows; using music and talented artists to raise funding towards cancer research.